2014 Stars Elite League Line Up


Sheffield have now completed their team building plans for the 2014 Elite League and the squads for both the 1st & 2nd teams are listed below.

Jono Birks, Ryan Hoyland, Radek Handke, Damien Zareeba, Bobby McMillan, Kyle Holland, Zach Smurthwaite, Matt Parrott, Adam Watson, Vicky Brown, Ellie Sullivan, Richard Hudson, Niall Morton, Ed Morton, James Bunting, Myke Grimes, Mason Phillips, Andy Angell, Adam Stephenson, Mikey Hewitson, Gavin Parr, Jake Read, Dan Chambers, Pawel Idizorek, Bartosz Giemza.

As with all squads there will be additions as the season progresses, but we certainly have a solid looking complement of riders for the new season.