Stars Fixtures 2018

Updated: March 4, 2018

xxxxxxxxx     NORTHERN LEAGUE HOME FIXTURES – Start Time 1pm (except 7th October)  xxxxxxxxx


April 8th                 v              BURY COMETS

June 3rd                 v              EDINBURGH FALCONS

June 17th              v              HULL

August 3rd            v              ASTLEY & TYLDESLEY

September 2nd   v              STOCKPORT 2006

October 7th          v              FIFE REVOLUTION

October 7th          v              GLASGOW CYCLONES


Xxxxxxxx                                              GO RIDE RACING (all start at 10am)                                          xxxxxxxxx


Saturday              10th         March                   at            Cookson

Saturday              24th         March                   at            Graves

Saturday              21st         April                       at            Cookson

Saturday              2nd          June                      at            Graves

Saturday              7th           July                        at            Cookson

Saturday              21st         July                        at            Graves

Saturday              22nd        September         at            Cookson

Saturday              6th           October               at            Graves (inc City of Sheffield Championships)


Xxxxxxxxxx                                         OTHER HOME   FIXTURES                                                             xxxxxxxxxx


Sunday                 4th           March                   v              Wednesfield Aces (Challenge)                    Start 2pm

Saturday              14th         April                       HSBC Junior/Open Elite Grand Prix Round 1          Start 1pm

Saturday              19th         May                       BYJL and Little League (Regional Round 3)             Start 1pm

Sunday                 24th         June                      Battle of Britain (Round 3)

North & Scotland v South East & East                      Start Noon

Sunday                 25th         August                  British Individual Finals (u-16 Girls/U-18)               Start 1pm

British Open Semi-Finals (3 & 4)                                 Start 11am

Start 4pm

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