Stars Fall To Hat Trick Of Defeats At Gin Pit

Updated: April 11, 2017


Sheffield went into this Division One fixture without Sam Haines (on holiday), Niamh Morton stepping up from League Two duties to cover. The Stars took a fortuitous lead with a 7-0 race win in heat 3, after both home riders (Paul Graham and former Star Kyle Holland) were disqualified for movement before the tapes rose. The home team soon regained the lead. The same pairing recording a 7-3 in heat 5 to make the scores 25-22. A & T then gradually increased the lead, race by race, to eventual win by 95-78.  Sheffield relied heavily on Niall Morton, Ed Morton and Adam Watson (who all scored race wins). Adam defeating Damian Zareba in the final race to spoil his unbeaten score. The Adam/Ed pairing continues to impress, they were involved in all three of the Stars heat advantages. Reece Pollitt and Mick Knowles both finished unbeaten for the home team, Reece from six races, Mick from just the one.  


Division One

Sheffield 78

Niall Morton 15+1 (6), Laura Watson 9 (5), Luke Morton 10+1 (5), Niamh Morton 8(5), Adam Watson 16+2 (6), Ed Morton 16+1 (6), Kielan Burton 3+1 (2), Jack Brownell 1(1)

Astley & Tyldesley 95

Reece Pollitt 23+1 (6), Max Evans 9 (5), Damien Zareba 20+3 (6), Mark Grantham 9 (4), Paul Graham 9+3 (5), Kyle Holland 14(5), Luke Jamson 6(3), Mick Knowles 4(1), Emily Burgess (1), Gareth Paine DNR

Referee: Mike Hack


Sheffield went behind in the second race in the Division Two match and never had a chance to pose a threat to a home team boosted with five riders returning from last week’s home loss to Fife. The Stars were again without Sam Haines, Sammi Marsh returning to the team after watching her beloved Coventry City win at Wembley last week. Unfortunately for Sammi she ran last in all four races or her return to the team. As with the Division One match, the Stars provided just four race winners. This time it was Luke Morton, Niamh Morton and young guns Kielan Burton and Jack Brownell who all took a chequered flag. Also impressing was Logan Perkins, who had two second places as he begins to get used to the team racing aspect in his debut year in the team. A and T had two undefeated riders in Max Evans and Mark Grantham, with seven of the eight riders used winning races.


Division Two

Sheffield 64

Luke Morton 12+4 (5), Jack Brownell 11 (4), Sammi Marsh 4(4), Niamh Morton 10 (4), Kielan Burton 10+1 (4), Laura Watson 8 (5), Logan Perkins 9 (4)

Astley & Tyldesley 86

Max Evans 17+3 (5), Emily Burgess 15+1 (5), Gareth Paine 7(4), Mark Grantham 15+1 (4), Mick Knowles 13+1 (4), Danny Pickup 10+2 (5), John White 6+1(2), Charlie Burgess 3(1), Jack Murray DNR

Referee: Kyle Holland


Division Three


An easy win for the Team Green’s under 13’s, with the home team fielding thirteen riders to the Stars three. Kielan Burton went unbeaten for the third match running with Jack Brownell and Logan Perkins among the points.  


Astley & Tyldesley 124

Sheffield 36 Kielan Burton 16, Jack Brownell 10, Logan Perkins 10

Referee: Catherine White

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