Stars Prepare For 2013 Elite League

Updated: February 15, 2013

With the new season fast approaching the Sheffield team are preparing for what could be one of the most competitive seasons for many a year. All the teams in the 2013 league have strengthened up and it would seem that everyone is on a much more level playing field.

Leicester have opted to with draw from the league as they look to rebuild and surely they will be back bigger & stronger then ever. The reality of the Elite League is you need a big squad, Sheffield regularly have a squad of up to 16 riders and two years ago used everyone of them. This year is no different, barely before the dust had settled on 2012, riders were targeted to augment the existing squad.

The Stars have been lucky to retain the majority of the 2012 team, sadly Aiden Owen will be missing having recently had surgery on his knee following an injury picked up from a big crash in the Team Championship fixture against Wednesfield. Doubts are also increasing over top Polish star Radek Handke who has been struggling with a back injury over the close season.

Hopefully the Stars have made the right choices and the level of cover brought in will be able to plug the gap after the loss of Aiden and Radek. Below is the full 2013 squad in no particular order.

Andy Angell, Adam Stephenson, Ben Swanborough, Ryan Hoyland, Jono Birks, Jamie Brown, Matt Smith, Lee Smith, Jamie Ball, Dan Chambers, Jake Read, Pawel Idszorek, Damien Zareeba, Mikey Hewitson, Bartosz Giemnza. Then of course the Stars have a plethora of there own up & coming Junior riders who will be soon knocking on the door of the first team.

Can this be the Stars year? so much depends on getting the right team out for every match, then you have injuries to contend with, holidays, work etc. All I know is the Sheffield boys will be giving it 100% and that’s all you can ever do. It should be a great season, I can’t wait.


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